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We are now 1.8

radionactive aOwner posted Nov 11, 14
I've closed the 1.7 server and started a 1.8 server in its place. That said, it will operate on a white list until we get situated into something that isn't vanilla but is still 1.8 (not 1.7 or 1.7 but 1.8 players can join it).

There are only a few people who have access to the whitelist:
- Crypt_UK
- CptCookiiez
- radionactive

Comment here if you want whitelisted and I'll add you. If your forum name doesn't match your Minecraft name, post your Minecraft name as well.
samminercraft Hey, I haven't played in ages, can I join? ...
APACHE_K94 I'm back Sky brcnians ...
Kimber264 Ehem… ...

PVP and hub status

radionactive aOwner posted Nov 3, 14
I've restarted both the PVP and hub, and they should both be operational. Sorry for the extended wait, as I've been busy preparing the 1.8 server. We don't have to stick in 1.7 for much longer.
radionactive aOwner I said 1.8 in my post somewhere.
ZaDavid Is the server finally going to be 1.8?
Lord Harold the Significant a The spawn may be done within thursday or wednesday, I have 2 tests tomorrow, so I can't finish it today, also I'm going ...

Downtime Saturday

Jwoolley aOwner posted Oct 21, 14
To lazy to write it again. If you want to know why:

Crypt_UK It's Tuesday, the server has been offline since Saturday. Any chance of an update on the situation?
Crypt_UK Can't read information posted because not permitted to make account there.....
Crypt_UK Crypt_UK, unfortunately, the account you registered on Forsaken Bears did not meet membership requirements. Your account ...
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