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Hello all,

Seeing how there hasn't been a post in nearly 2 months, I thought I would put a post up explaining the future of the Legendary Minecraft.

It's been tough for Legendary Empire servers for the last couple of months with me leaving and Mojang screwing servers and server owners each update. Falling player numbers and general lack of attention.

However I have managed to save the Legendary Network from going down. With me leaving the Minecraft community I decided to move in to Steam and try my luck there. Thankfully my luck paid of there and I now have a Number 1 Deathrun server on Gmod, after only just a month, which is now in the top 40 in the world in Gmod, with new servers opening on all Source based games all the time. Which is a massive achievement. Because it is so popular I have been able to make enough donations each month to pay for the 3 dedicated servers, 2 web servers, 2 domains, Development work on any server to fix problems and have enough money left over to save up for hard times.

Looking towards the future the Network as a whole looks good and expanding daily, however we are struggling running off Windows Server 2008 with constant problems not with the servers but with the OS alone. For this reason we are moving off Windows Server. We will be moving over to Debian which means changing host, IP and machine. Legendary Empire will in no way be affected by the switch over. We will be running the Windows server currently used and the Debian server in parallel and simply redirect hub.ledendaryempire.co.uk to the Debian server, you shouldn't notice anything different.

The current ETA for this too be happening is June 1st at Midnight GMT, I will be ordering the new server on the 15th of May and try to have it all setup and working by the 1st ready for the switch over. I will be then cancelling the current machine on the 7th of June.

With this switch over performance from the servers should increase, crashes should be less and world loading on Minecraft should be quicker (If we get SSD's). We will also be cutting our monthly hosting costs by half. So we have more money to spend on improving servers and making the Network last longer.

As for me I will be starting my final exams this week, for the next 4 or 5 weeks I will be solidly working on my exams. The only work I will be doing on the Network is any emergency work. If there is problem that has to be sorted by me then please contact me on Steam and I will sort it out.

For anyone that doesn't have my Steam my name is: |FB| BearWoolley

Hopefully after I have finished my exams and changed servers over I may get some time to do some work on Legendary Empire and get stuff sorted. Only if I get time, my Gmod servers take up a lot of my time now.

I'm also looking for someone else to help out Radionactive with running Legendary Empire, it's a big task to run such a big network by 1 person. So I want someone to help him out. That way we can get Legendary Empire back on it's feat and actually have people playing. If you are interested in this then please contact me on Steam and we can talk about it. (Steam name above)

I'm also looking to launch a new fresh looking website for Legendary Empire hopefully within the next 2 months. I have the servers to run it, just got to code the backend database and stuff and Crypt_UK is doing the front end design, then we are good for a launch.

That's it for now.
Hello all,

Over the last few weeks the Legendary Network has been hit with constant DDoS attacks against the machine.

I have been in my Host through out the whole process. For the last 10 days we have trying our best to try and deal with the situation that has come upon the server.

We already have Anti DDoS protection on the server, which is why at no point has any server been offline. However it has caused connection loses for players, lag on server and high pings.

This has all come up because of the new servers I have been bringing in to other games. Which is what I didn't want to happen. These new servers affecting the Legendary Empire which has nothing to do with them.

Anyway after many talks me and my host put filters in place of where the attack was hitting and it has done a pretty good job. As far as I can see it hasn't been affecting any Minecraft servers anymore. But has been affecting TeamSpeak.

Our last resort has been to get a second IP for the server. All of Minecraft and TeamSpeak have been moved over to the new IP just now. All my new servers are running on the old IP.

This should hopefully stop the attack spreading from server to server and should now only affect servers running on the old IP

I'm very sorry that I gave no notice about any of this. But everything in the last 10 days has happened at a moments noticed and we have had to react quickly. As soon as the new IP became available I moved all servers over to it.

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for all Legendary Empire sub domains to be updated to the new and correct IP. However for me they have been updated. But they need to be updated across the whole world

If anyone is having any troubles connection please try the following IP: temp.legendaryempire.co.uk

If you still have issues after trying that then please contact me and I will help you out.


New contest!

radionactive aOwner posted Feb 25, 14
I said earlier I would reward people who would reply to the topic on Planet Minecraft to help us get some more players:

On the 14th of March, I will count all of the posts people have made in that topic. To be fair to everyone else, I will count one post per person for every five minutes. The reason for this is because it does not do us any good if the server is on the top for two minutes because of 30 posts being made by one person in one minute. If you reply once every five minutes, it guarantees we're on the top.

Posts do not have to be meaningful in particular, but please post maturely. We're trying to make us look good, remember? Say whatever you'd like to say. I'm also not playing, as I probably will post more often than everyone else.

The rewards are as followed:

- 1 post: 40 diamonds
- 10 posts: 5 stacks of bottle o' enchanting.
- 25 posts: 2 bonus towny plots to a town of your choice, in PVP. Entered into contest below.
- 35 posts: £5 coupon code for the store.

If you end up getting 25 or more posts, you will be entered into a drawing for one more prize, as well as being eligible to be the highest poster. There needs to be more than a few pages of posts and different people posting for me to be willing to do this contest, however.

The winner of the drawing will receive a £25 coupon code for the store. You can buy /fly with it, or buy £25 worth of items. Or, you can gift it to someone. The winner will also receive 10 bonus towny plots for a town of their choice in PVP.

The highest poster will receive a key to one of these games in addition to 10 bonus towny plots in PVP:
• Dead Space 1
• Burnout paradise
• Crysis 2
• Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
• Populous

Just a head's up: Coupon codes reduce your cart's total price. That means that if your cart ends up being free, you will not need to provide any payment method other than that coupon code. Codes can only be entered in one purchase, so fill your cart before buying.
Rainbow1n Where do I collect the diamonds and which town is the plot in?
radionactive aOwner What I meant was that I don't want someone spending the whole day posting repeatedly, as they might end up with 1000 pos ...
Mr_GreenPig Lol don't start spamming but wants at least 10 posts for minimum reward, radion everyone knows that page gone get spamme ...
Seeing as though we need players, I've made a post on Planet Minecraft.

However, it won't do us any good alone, as we're going to get buried by the server topics of other people wanting more people. We need people to reply to it and bump it back up to the top.

At the end of this month, I'll count the replies and give the biggest contributors a big reward.
Crypt_UK Bumped.
____________ Really good idea Radion. Right after reading this I hurried to PlanetMinecraft, made an account, and posted. This soluti ...
Mr_GreenPig Good call radion now things are finaly correct and nice class. GG

PVP server will be down all night

Jwoolley aOwner posted Jan 30, 14
Hello all,

I'm sorry to inform you due to a corrupt chunk within the PVP server, the server will be down all night.

Khranos reported to us that he experience strange lag in his mine, on further inspection I found that it was a corrupt chunk causing the lag and huge CPU increase.

I attempted to fix this using a simple tool which my Host offers called "Worlds repair" which simple goes through every chunk on the server finding the broken ones and fixing them. I have used this many times in the past with success (I would say around 20 times). However tonight, due to the shear size of the PVP map (From players exploring too much) the worlds repair pretty much couldn't handle it and simple broke during the repair. Because of this the world was wiped clean.

We use McMyAdmin to preform every 3 hour backups. But because it's a shitty piece of software that is fucking useless and is shitty coded. The server hasn't bothered to preform none of these backups and decided to stop doing these backups back in December, with the last one being 27th of Feb at 5am. Which none of the 3 people who have access to the console have noticed in till now.

Thankfully I bought a backup drive couple of weeks ago, to preform weekly backups on in case anything like this happened. Unfortunately I preform the backups every Saturday night while I'm asleep. Which means the last backup was on the 25th of January. Which means there will be a 5 day rollback, I am deeply sorry for this.

There will be some sort of compensation for this, I think of this while the backup world is going up. I will then update this thread with it.

Once again I'm deeply sorry for this.

reo0917 Out of curiosity, I was just wondering why corrupt chunks don't happen when a certain amount of players are online. Coul ...
Jwoolley aOwner Because corrupt chunks are random. They don't happen when certain amount players are online. They are very hard to fix.
Mr_GreenPig What my question is ya is how the actual fuck can this happen now ? When there's 10people max online and back in the day ...
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