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Downtime Saturday

Jwoolley aOwner posted Oct 21, 14
To lazy to write it again. If you want to know why:

Crypt_UK It's Tuesday, the server has been offline since Saturday. Any chance of an update on the situation?
Crypt_UK Can't read information posted because not permitted to make account there.....
Crypt_UK Crypt_UK, unfortunately, the account you registered on Forsaken Bears did not meet membership requirements. Your account ...
Towny has returned. I'm so sorry it's taken this long to get it back up, but I was extremely busy with some family and school work. It's back now, and there's quite a bit of work to do to fix some other problems with the server.
ZaDavid Radionactive! I need you to come on the server immediately! I need your assistance on receiving or getting chiseled ston ...
radionactive aOwner @Sparkle28567 You could try to get in touch with the mayor to reinvite you.
Sparkle28567 I haven't been on the town so long im no longer a member. What should i do?

Chat is back up

radionactive aOwner posted Jun 12, 14
UPDATE: Chat is up and running. Looks like it was a small problem. One of the plugins was using CamelCase for the SQL tables when the SQL tables were all lowercase. All fixed.

The server will be up and down a lot today while I try to fix chat that broke when we migrated to the new IP. I'll edit this post when I succeed.
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