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One Last Post

radionactive aOwner posted May 3, 15

The Vanilla server is down, and also, there's no Bukkit/Spigot server anymore, some of the reasons being beyond our control. Nobody has posted anything in over a month, either. Legendary Empire is over, from what it looks like.

While there isn't any more use for the site, I've paid for one last month of operation, until June, in the case anyone wanted to say their last farewells, or in the case that they wanted to share any contact information to keep in touch. I'm sure most of you are already gone and will likely never read this last message, which is fine. It's also more than likely that nobody will post anything in this last month, which is also all right.

I am honored to to have been with such a community as this one, though it's also sad that I am also the one to turn the lights off, but someone needed to do it for a community like this. 

If anyone wants to add me on Steam, my Steam name is "radionactive" and my Skype is also "radionactive".

sloppy777 Perhaps there is a way we all can meet up. Some other server or community.
neva2late hey, mayby you remember me i want to help LE getting back im in more people are in?! we can make big and good again!!!!! ...

We are now 1.8

radionactive aOwner posted Nov 11, 14
I've closed the 1.7 server and started a 1.8 server in its place. That said, it will operate on a white list until we get situated into something that isn't vanilla but is still 1.8 (not 1.7 or 1.7 but 1.8 players can join it).

There are only a few people who have access to the whitelist:
- Crypt_UK
- CptCookiiez
- radionactive

Comment here if you want whitelisted and I'll add you. If your forum name doesn't match your Minecraft name, post your Minecraft name as well.
elix21 Add me please minecraft name is elix21
blazeman11 can I please be added?
Rainbow1n When will the server be back up and no more restarts?

PVP and hub status

radionactive aOwner posted Nov 3, 14
I've restarted both the PVP and hub, and they should both be operational. Sorry for the extended wait, as I've been busy preparing the 1.8 server. We don't have to stick in 1.7 for much longer.
radionactive aOwner I said 1.8 in my post somewhere.
ZaDavid Is the server finally going to be 1.8?
Lord Harold the Significant a The spawn may be done within thursday or wednesday, I have 2 tests tomorrow, so I can't finish it today, also I'm going ...
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