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Downtime Saturday

Jwoolley aOwner posted Tue at 21:06
To lazy to write it again. If you want to know why:

Crypt_UK You can see why at this link without having to create an account... http://www.forsakenbears.com/index.php ...
Crypt_UK I'm too lazy to create an account to read it.
Sceny ツ To lazy to copy and paste, w/ minor edit? lol
Towny has returned. I'm so sorry it's taken this long to get it back up, but I was extremely busy with some family and school work. It's back now, and there's quite a bit of work to do to fix some other problems with the server.
ZaDavid Radionactive! I need you to come on the server immediately! I need your assistance on receiving or getting chiseled ston ...
radionactive aOwner @Sparkle28567 You could try to get in touch with the mayor to reinvite you.
Sparkle28567 I haven't been on the town so long im no longer a member. What should i do?

Chat is back up

radionactive aOwner posted Jun 12, 14
UPDATE: Chat is up and running. Looks like it was a small problem. One of the plugins was using CamelCase for the SQL tables when the SQL tables were all lowercase. All fixed.

The server will be up and down a lot today while I try to fix chat that broke when we migrated to the new IP. I'll edit this post when I succeed.
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